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DVD-Audio: Studio Voodoo (24-bit/48 kHz)

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ОписаниеDVD-Audio: Studio Voodoo MLP 24-bit/48 kHz


Studio Voodoo is an amazing electronic unification of diverse cultures, from Swahili bonfires, to operatic reveries, to flamenco passion plays & woven together by a thread of heart-throbbing techno-tribal beats.
Studio Voodoo (Gary Mraz & Ted Price) was conceived as an experience in technology and art. The listener is submersed in a surreal swirling sea of sound from everyday events, ethnic tribal rhythms and the all-encompassing sound of world music. Influenced by Pink Floyd concerts in the '70s and Binaural in the '80s.

Studio Voodoo won the DVD Pro Discus Award, "Best DVD-Audio For Creative Excellence" in 2001.

Audio Options:

5.1 MLP for DVD-Audio Players;
5.1 DTS for DTS-Capable systems;
2.0 PCM for all DVD-Video players;

Track Information

   1. This Beat Is Voodoo
   2. Fire
   3. Lamentatio
   4. Straight From The Heart
   5. Trancedance
   6. Intergratron
   7. Imagenes de Espana
   8. Rain
   9. Epilogue: Song of gnos


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