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Digital Juice: Jump Backs HD Vol.11-21

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Jump Backs HD 11: Maximum Impact

Jump Backs HD 11: Maximum Impact is difficult to categories by subject or style, but each of the animation is distinctively dramatic and powerful. You ’ll find literal animations with clear subjects, like film clappers, globes and fluttering money, but you’ll also find complete abstractions with no identifiable subject. Stylistically, the animations range from electric light to morphing metals. These animations are definitely attention getters!


Jump Backs HD 12: Base Camp

We went back to the basics with Jump Backs HD 12: Base Camp and tried to stick to the motto "less is more." The simple, solid and foundational nature of these animations makes them the perfect starting point for your own creations. It doesn't really matter if you're doing Corporate, Training or Wedding video: this volume is just plain useful.


Jump Backs HD 13: In the Round

A festival of revolving motion, this volume takes you anywhere that turns- be it a roulette wheel, a winding staircase, a wall of classic columns or a room full of speakers.


Jump Backs HD 14: All Hallow's Eve

Volume 14 of the Jump Backs HD library, All Hallow’s Eve, is devoted to the scary, fun, festive season of Halloween. Scenes of the season include bats against a baleful moon, fields of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch, jack-o'-lanterns lit with flickering candlelight, electrifying skeletons and buckets full of candy -- and that is just a small sample of the 25 animations in this volume. There is something here for every type of Halloween production, whether it's a children's party, corporate event or broadcast spot.


Jump Backs HD 15: Tunnel Vision II

Our first Tunnel Vision volume for HD is a wild ride of fast forward motion. Animations cover the gamut from realism-a sleek looping roller coaster, a fast moving subway train, a helicopter ride high above the city at night, a car chase through busy city streets-to the more abstract, as water and light effects twist and turn while propelling you forward through narrow tunnels, icy caves or open spaces.


Jump Backs HD 16: The Wall

When we named Jump Backs HD Volume 16: The Wall, we weren't trying to be cute or symbolic; we were just stating the obvious. This volume is all about the kinds of walls we pass by either once in a lifetime or every day. You might not get to visit The Great Wall of China or the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall very often so we have given you a little taste of them. On the other hand, the familiar brick wall across the alley or the server racks in your office would seem to be a mundane part of your life. That may change once you see how they look with the "Digital Juice" treatment in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.

See the scenery that passes you by daily with brand new respect. Add interest to any new production by using a background that grounds your message in a known environment without distracting the viewer with sudden moves or changes in camera angle. Each of these 20 animations follows a beautifully rendered and lit “wall” in one continuous never-ending motion. Visit a medieval castle at night under a lightning filled sky, check out a well stocked wine cellar, ponder the liquid reflection of cloud and structure in the glass building across the street or scale an artificial climbing wall (ropes provided) -- to name just a few of the scenes available in this volume. You will find as many uses for these background animations as there are bricks in a wall – start counting, but remember our walls loop seamlessly into infinity.


Jump Backs HD 17: Simply Useful II

If Goldilocks were looking for the perfect Jump Backs HD volume, she would choose JB HD Volume 37: Simply Useful II. Taking up where it's predecessor JB HD Volume 10: Simply Useful I left off, this volume's full 1920 x 1080 HD animations are neither too hard nor too soft – they are just right! As the name implies, they are also extremely useful for a broad range of high-def productions. Interesting without being distracting, fluid and subtle in motion and color – they can enhance your edit without taking the starring role.  


Jump Backs HD 18: Law & Order

Just like the popular television show of the same name, Jump Backs HD Volume 18: Law & Order, lets you follow along through the entire life cycle of a crime. From the crime scene to the forensics lab, from the beat cop to the judge and jury – this volume offers a visual depiction in high definition of every aspect of the crime and punishment process. And, just like that same TV show, every one of these 1920 x 1080 resolution animated scenes is a high quality production with a heavy grounding in reality.

Play detective with our gleaming police badge, hit center mass at a practice shooting range, or feel the adrenaline rush when you see our flashing patrol car lights outside a shootout in progress at an abandoned warehouse. Act as CSI as you collect forensics evidence at our yellow tape wrapped alleyway crime scene and analyze it in our tool-packed crime lab. Then follow the suspect to a court of law and finally through a locking jail cell door in a barbed wire surrounded prison.


Jump Backs HD 19: Base Camp II

A new crop of recruits is ready for basic training in Jump Backs HD Volume 19: Base Camp II. As with its popular prequel, JBHD12: Base Camp I, this volume strips things down to the basic elements required to add motion and interest in an animated background. There is nothing fussy or wild, nothing boring or blah – just a cleanly designed high-def conceptual canvas to anchor text and graphics for a wide variety of HD productions. While largely abstract, these 1920x1080 resolution backgrounds still manage to evoke mental images of rippling curtains, sunset-lit surf, star-filled skies, oil on water, billowing smoke and raging inferno -- with just the minimum of form and motion.


Jump Backs HD 20: Ethereal

Is it part of the cosmos, or a cellular microcosm? JBHD Volume 20: Ethereal illustrates an environment that could be either -- with drifting threads of light and mist, rays of tumbling shadows and clouds, and tracers of cosmic particles that shine and lead the eye further into the space.

The motion is slow and subtle; the colors are soft and light infused while the uses are unlimited since each of these animations is open to the interpretation of the viewer. The name of this volume defines the feeling the animations evoke, something you can’t quite define – an exploration of light and space in the natural world.  


Jump Backs HD 21: Side Scrollers

A colorful mix of abstract shapes, light play and 3D realism, this volume's high definition animations have one main unifying element – a constant motion that slides past the viewer's eye in only one direction. This motion, while simple, allows the shapes and forms within the animation to play a more important part -- whether subtly with the play of light and shadow on an undulating floor of curves or with the more dramatic mesmerizing realism of a parade of boxes on a conveyor belt or an endless chess game about to begin.

Need matching high resolution graphics for your print projects? Check out the companion volume, Juice Drops Vol. 56: sideSCROLLERS, for print resolution layered Photoshop versions of the animations in this volume.

http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/1.png http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/2.png
http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/3.png http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/4.png
http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/5.png http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/6.png
http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/7.png http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/8.png
http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/9.png http://thumb.phyrefile.com/h/hd/hdlover/2009/03/26/10.png


20 Broadcast Quality HD Animations
DVD-ROM Library
1920x1080 Resolution
30 FPS Progressive Scan
16:9 Aspect Ratio
QuickTime® Format
Seamlessly loopable
15-30 Seconds average length
Works with Free Juicer Software
Works with any computer-based non-linear editing system capable of HD in/out

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