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National Geographic: Megastructures 1080i MPEG-2 DD2.0-tixe

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High Tech Prison
Продолжительность: 47мин 11с 680мс

To be completed by 2007, Maryland’s North Branch Correctional Institution will be one of the world’s most hi-tech prisons. The design and construction of the facility and some of the improved security features installed are explored in this episode.

Dubai's Dream Palace
Продолжительность: 50мин 4с 443мс

As Dubai's oil began to run dry, its ruler conceived the idea of turning the country into the world's leading tourist destination. Revealing the incredible engineering behind the iconic Burj al Arab.

Продолжительность: 46мин 56с 384мс

Climb aboard the cargo ship OOCL Atlanta as she journeys from Hong Kong to Singapore. How does a minimal crew keep this 1,000ft-long vessel afloat in treacherous seas?

Millau Bridge
Продолжительность: 50мин 2с 971мс

It is the world’s tallest bridge, at 343 m tall at its highest pillar, the Millau Viaduct in Southern France is almost a third taller than any other bridge in the world. A freeway in the sky, the bridge crosses the river Tarn in France and can save travelers almost an hour of travel between France and the Mediterranean. It also removes the traffic congestion once faced in the town of Millau. The episode documents the difficulties that the crew had to faced, and the challenging processes that were used in its construction. The documentary contains a few words from the mayor of Millau, Jacques Godfrain, the bridge architect, Norman Foster, and designer, Michel Virlogeux.

Продолжительность: 49мин 39с 227мс

These giants of the sea can hold the energy equivalent to 60 Hiroshima bombs and help sustain the global economy. Discover how these incredible ships are designed and built.

The Hoover Dam
Продолжительность: 50мин 1с 467мс

It took five years to build and, when completed in 1936, the Hoover Dam was one of the world's largest hydroelectric facilities. Today it generates four billion kilowatt hours of energy a year, enough to serve 1.3 million people.

Ultimate Oil Sands Mine
Продолжительность: 49мин 34с 459мс

Just beneath the surface of Northern Canada's Alberta forest sits the largest oil reserve in the world, possibly capable of satisfying world needs for up to 55 years. Mother Nature has thrown engineers a giant curveball - the oil can't be pumped because it is trapped in sand, and extracting that energy is already having an unprecedented impact on the Canadian environment. Watch as multiple companies race to develop technologies that unlock the vast oil and profit hidden below Canada's forests.

World Island Wonder
Продолжительность: 50мин 0с 672мс

Creating a man-made wonder visible from space is no easy task. For a team of developers in Dubai, building an island chain in the shape of the world that is four kilometres off the coast becomes a multi-year architectural challenge. The team will use more than 320 million cubic metres of sand – the largest amount of sand ever moved by man – to create 300 islands intricately shaped to resemble the world. Each island must be exactly the right shape to match the map so engineers must implement cutting-edge GPS and satellite technology to shape each island. To protect the island chain from harsh waves, the team uses 32 million tons of limestone, placing each rock individually. The chain will feature a series of water ways to help the anticipated 250,000 thousand island residents move safely around the islands. However, sophisticated water evaluations show that the water is not flowing around the islands properly, putting this island chain in danger of becoming a giant swamp. With strict guidelines on where each island must be placed, how will the team overcome this latest obstacle?

World's Busiest Port
Продолжительность: 47мин 3с 776мс

Megastructure takes viewers on an inside look at how the Port of Singapore is able to move a third of the world's trade through the use of shipping and high-tech mega-systems.

Take an eye-popping look at the greatest structures and machines ever created.

http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117704_1.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117705_2.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117706_3.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117707_4.PNG
http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117713_5.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117712_6.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117714_7.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117711_8.PNG
http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117715_9.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117717_10.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117716_11.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117718_12.PNG
http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117719_13.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117720_14.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117722_15.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117721_16.PNG
http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117723_17.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117724_18.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117725_19.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117726_20.PNG
http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117728_21.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117729_22.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117730_23.PNG http://www.image-load.eu/out.php/t117731_24.PNG

Формат: MKV
Источник: MegaStructures High Tech Prison 1080i HDTV TS-iLL
Видео: 1280x688 at 29.970 fps, x264, ~6125 Kbps avg
Aудио: English: 48 kHz, AC3, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch, ~384.00 kbps avg
Субтитры: None
Дополнительно: 1.4 GB encode was close, but not close enough. There is some vhs/non-hd footage.
Формат: .ts
Видео: 1920x1080 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-2, ~15.45 Mbps avg
Aудио#: English: 48 kHz, AC3, 2 (L,R) ch, ~448.00 kbps avg
Субтитры: None
ВидимыйНет (мертвый)


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